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As seen in Cosmopolitan:
Cosmo's Ultimate Gift Guide – for the Free Spirit, December 2016

photo of Maria McElroy

Artisan Craft: Aroma M Hits the High Notes

Vanity Fair Style image photo of Maria McElroy

The pursuit of perfume perfection took Maria McElroy of Aroma M years of study all over the world. She recently moved her atelier from DUMBO to Bushwick, Brooklyn, where she creates her cult favorite fragrances and beauty oils. Originally a painter with an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, she is inspired by color, her years living in Japan, and a romantic imagination. From globally sourced ingredients, to mixing fragrances drop by drop, to hand-packaging her bottles with exquisite imported papers, McElroy does things the hard way, producing premium products backed by 20 years of experience.

Read the complete interview at Vanity Fair »

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Now that women are getting used to moisturizing oils as part of a successful beauty regimen, it's not surprising that cleansing oils are becoming popular as well.

Water can be harsh and potentially drying to the skin, especially if skin is dry or sensitive. Cleansing oils are gently massaged into skin with fingers, then tissued or rinsed off. They remove dirt, excess oil, makeup and environmental impurities, and they don't strip the skin.

"Skin should not feel tight after cleansing," says Maria McElroy, founder of Aroma M Skincare, which just launched its first cleansing oil. " A cleansing oil leaves the skin feeling moist."

Aroma M Camellia Cleansing Oil

McElroy's line was inspired by her love of Japan, and this delicate new oil, featuring organic camellia seed and rice bran oils, is extremely effective and a pleasure to use.

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When you combine the benefits and aroma of cold pressed Camellia oil with organic essential oils, you will find master perfume Maria McElroy and Aroma M perfumes. Aroma M is a synergy of Japanese and French cultures, created in an atmosphere of seductive sophistication at the Aroma M Atelier. Situated in the heart of Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York, Maria McElroy has been blendingperfumes for over 20 years.


St. Regis Magazine, A Little Place I Know

The sushi bar in Osaka
by Maria McElroy

Yamane, I-3-I Doujima Kitaku (+81 6 6348 1460)


The exclusive Kitashinchi neighborhood is the beating heart of Osaka at night, and this sushi restaurant is right in the center of it. Above the narrow streets are a tangle of neon signs and boards inviting people inside, to secret little places where geishas once delighted customers. Because the area has such a lovely feeling, it’s where the cream of Osaka society goes. There are half a dozen Michelin-starred restaurants around, but for me and my Kyoto-born husband, Yamane is by far the best.

You'd never know from the outside that it was so special. It's in an unassuming building and behind the sliding door is an intimate space, with a delicate blond-wood latticed sushi bar, behind which the master sushi chef Mr. Yamane and his staff work.

There is nothing quite like sitting there, watching the action. Like most old traditional establishments, the fish from that morning’s catch at Sakai fish market is not on display, but kept in boxes of ice and taken out when the chefs need to slice it with their precision knives. Some of them have been sushi chefs for decades and are masters in local specialities: mehari, a heady combination of rice with fatty tuna and salmon caviar wrapped in pickled mustard or square hakozushi, topped with marinated mackerel and kelp. Although I always have their tuna, octopus and flounder sushi, I love their dashimaki tamago, a thick, warm rolled omelet, much sorter and more pliable than those you find in Tokyo.

The food, as you’d expect from someone with such a precise eye, is presented in an extremely elegant way, on ceramic plates made by the famous ceramicist Ippento Nakagawa. And the smells that waft through the air, of warm soy sauce, incense and the freshness of the sea, are as enjoyable as the sounds of the chefs chatting and laughing. The people in this area of Japan are known to be very funny and full of life, and although everyone is hugely respectful of Mr. Yamane, his restaurant is full of warmth and humor.


Elle Magazine

Eastern Promises
By April Long

American artist and perfumer Maria McElroy was similarly inspired by the wisdom of these immaculate women when it came to launching her camellia oil-based skin- and hair-care line, Aroma M Beauty. "Geisha use camellia oil instead of water to remove their makeup and cleanse their faces," she says. "It's one of the most famous Japanese beauty secrets. It's even written in The Tale of Genji, which is one of the oldest books in the world, that the women in the court used camellia oil to dress their hair, which they then scented with incense."


New York Magazine

Space of the Week: Signature Scents

The Dumbo studio where Maria McElroy serves up homemade perfume and Japanese tea.
By Wendy Goodman

View the slide show on
the aroma M Atelier page

camellia hair oil in organic spa
camellia hair oil article
aroma m beauty camellia  hydrating hair oil

Everyday hydrating hair oil

Aroma M Beauty Camellia Hair Oil.

The ghost of a Geisha aritcle in Highlights Magazine

Maria McElroy knows that fragrances can bring fantasies to life.

How one woman's affinity for the Far East launched a passion for fragrance and a line of perfumes evocative of a mysterious world.

Read the article in Highlights »

cover of New Beauty magazine

Geisha Noire Perfume featured in New Beauty’s Beauty Awards Issue!

Scent of a Geisha aritcle in Oprah Magazine

Maria McElroy revives the art of old world perfumery today in New York City.

I create perfumes that are luxurious, feminine the kind of delicious scents you can still smell just a trace of when you wake up in the morning.

domino magazine cover


American salon publishes geisha girl

American Salon

Local perfumer Aroma M

Lucky September 2007

Packaged in a travel-friendly roll-on, this Japanese-esque line's lovely Geisha Marron is redolent of spicy chestnut, magnolia, citrus, and bergamot.

Available at Henri Bendel (712 Fifth Ave, 212-247-1100)

Best beauty buy

InStyle January 2007

The Goods: This Month Best Beauty Finds

Scent Sticks: The mini perfume in aroma M 11 Fragrances, 11 Years Collection includs ones worn by Michelle Pfeiffer and patricia Arquette. $40;

Aroma M at Lucky shops QVC

Lucky October 2007

Lucky shops QVC

Brilliantly portable for your makeup bag or clutch, this roll-on scent is a mix of plum and vanilla spiked with a hint of citrus, all wrapped up in the prettiest chinoiserie bottle.

fem magazine coverAroma M captures the magic of JapanHow aroma m captures the imagination

Fem Autumn 2007

aroma M in Beau Beau

Beau Beau (Magazine and Website), June 2007

Beauty Magazine and Web site in Shanghai. (Simplified Chinese only )

Elle magazine promotes aroma m geisha scents

ELLE October 2006

Small Wonders: Barely bigger than tubes of lipstick, Aroma M perfumes Roll-on (from Left. Pink Violet, Green, Noire, Rouge)are each based on different Japanese scent - such as Green Tea, Lotus, and sugared plum. - By Roopika Nayar

In Style Aroma M roll on fragrances

InStyle Magazine, October 04

Tired of fragrance fading? These diminutive 3" roll-ons from Aroma M Geisha will fit into the teenienst bag for perfume touch-ups. The scents-shown here: Blanche (white flowers), Pink (plum and vanilla), and Blue (chamomile and green tea) - are as pretty as the bottles. ($36; at - Barbara Stepko

Oprah article on  Maria McElroy

The Oprah Magazine April 2002

Read the full article on Maria McElroy, a founder of aroma M Perfumes.

Cover of WWD magazine

WWD: Asia Major

A serious case of wanderlust helped Maria McElroy find her true calling. Read the Woman's Wear Daily interview with Maria McElroy about the successful launch of the Aroma M fragrance line.

People magazines secrets of a geisha

People Magazine - May 2003: Secrets of a Geisha, Revealed?

Celebs are exploring their inner Geishas thanks to Maria McElroy, a painter who studied essential oils in Japan. Fragrances in McElroy's Geisha Premium Collection are said to promote well-being and boost sexual allure. Proof? Stars with mystique to spare (Parker Posey, Patricia Arquette, Ali Macgraw) are trailing clouds of Geisha.
Articles on people Magazine May 19 2003 issue "Style Watch" page.

Steven Cojocaru

Featured on "Today Show" NBC

Geisha Rouge, Blanche, Noire introduced by Steven Cojocaru.
"Geisha Perfumes! Brings out your sexual allure!"

Fit Magazine presents inspired scents

FIT Magazine , Nov. 04

Japanese inspired scents are both seductive and sweet. Best of all, they are convenienvt to carry and won't spill or leak! My favorite Geisha oils are hypnotic Green (absinthe), sweet and sexy Pink, and bewitching Blanche.

Geisha girsls in the Sunday Times

Sunday Times Style Magazine UK, February 04

Geisha Girls

Maria McElroy, creater of aroma M, studied the art of Geisha in Japan. The latest additions to her line of perfume oils are geisha Pink with orange and sugared plum, and Geisha Blue with Green Tea and Blue Cammomile.

Sunday Times UK cover

Sunday Times Style Magazine UK, January 04

Instyle October cover

InStyle October 2003

Geisha Blance in Elle

ELLE July 2003

Geisha Blanche is featured in "FUN RAISERS" by Eva Chen.

Go east:

An intoxicating summer fragrance, Geisha Blanche perfume oil by aroma M mixes the exotic scents of lychee, jasmine, and hyacinth. Editorial copy by ELLE Magazine July 03. FUN RAISERS by Eva Chen.

InStyle Fragrance

InStyle August 2002

Introduced Aroma M Geisha Fragrance on the "In Goods" page.

Geisha Nobara-cha Perfume in Platinum


"Geisha Nobara-cha Perfume" is featured in the "What We Smelled" page
of Platinum August 2000 issue.

Bergdorf Catalog add


"Geisha Ocha; Hana-cha;
Nobara-cha Eau de parfum &
Creme Perfumes" are featured in "Holiday Catalog 1999"

Fitness beauty now page


"Geisha Rice Powder" is featured in "beauty now" page
of Fitness November 2000 issue.

aroma m refresh in Elle


"aromaM Refresh Environmental Mist" is
introduced in the "SCENTS AND SENSIBILITIES" article
of ELLE October 2000 issue.

aroma m bath oil in Mademoisell


"aromaM Bath Oil in Rapture" is featured in
Mademoiselle October 2000 issue.

Geisha Rice powder InStyle


"Geisha Rice Powder" is featured in "the goods" page
of InStyle August 2000 issue.

Yomiuri America presents...

"The Yomiuri America"

Figaro Japan features beauty trend

"FIGARO japon"

"Geisha Perfume" is featured in "Beauty! Trend!" page
of FIGARO japon August 2000 issue.

NY Magazine features Geisha Hana-cha

"New York Magazine"

"Geisha Hana-cha Perfume" is featured in "Smart City Beauty" page of New York Magazine June-July 2000 issue.

Mademoisell cover


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aroma M aromatherapy mists are featured.

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Better Home and Garden
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Our Geisha line and aromatherapy products are featured

New York Magazine
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"Rapture Bath Oil", "Geisha O-cha Perfume", Rice Powder, and Soap
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