aroma M perfumes Geisha Perfume Collection

Geisha Eau de Parfum and Geisha Roll-on Perfume Oils

Aroma M: The Art of Scent Geisha Collection

Imagine a stroll through the ancient, cobble stoned streets of Gion, the legendary Geisha district of Kyoto. Peek into a tea room imbued with the sound of shamisen, with the scent of delicate incense wafting through the doorway. Feel the fluid seductiveness of a silk kimono wafting against your skin. These are some of the multi-sensuous delights that have gone into the blending of the Geisha Collection from Aroma M: The Art of Scent. Included in the collection are perfume oils and eau de parfum's, available in eleven lush and unique fragrances that interpret the subtly mysterious aromas of Japan for the modern Western scent aficionado.

Maria's Aroma M scents are created with the subtle (never overpowering) sensibility of Japanese incense blends in mind. In addition, armed with her aromatherapy background, Maria ensures that her fragrances are not only beguiling, but help alleviate daily stress and promote wellbeing. As natural as possible without losing their diffusing power, they are made with the finest essential oils.

perfume bottles and decorative bags
Geisha Eau de Parfum. Enhancing the pleasures of the senses even before they are sprayed onto the skin, Aroma M’s three signature eau de parfum—Geisha O-cha, Geisha Nobara-cha, and Geisha Hana-cha—come embellished with exquisite artisinal décor. With their vintage-looking packaging presentation, our trio of geisha perfumes will not only awaken and delight the sense of smell, but also the sense of sight and the sense of touch. In response to numerous clamorous requests, Aroma-M has re-launched two of our original perfume oils, Geisha Noire and Geisha Blanche as alcohol-based eau de parfum.
Geisha perfume containers
Geisha Roll-on Perfume Oils. Eight Geisha Roll-On Perfume Oils, each named for a scent-appropriate color, such as Geisha Marron and Geisha Green; these are available in slim, carry-able containers. Our perfume oils are designed not only to smell beautiful, but simultaneously to enchant the mind and the soul—to help relieve daily stress and promote composure and wellbeing. aroma M is gender-neutral. Men as well as women are attracted to our unexpectedly tantalizing perfumes, that do not follow traditional male-female scent divisions.