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geisha perfume oils

Geisha perfume oils

Our Geisha color-named perfumes in handy, portable, no spill roll-on form, each slender flacon wrapped in traditional Yuzen paper from Kyoto taking up only slightly more makeup-bag space than a lipstick. How ultramodern – very much in keeping with Japanese culture today. Purchase Geisha Roll-on Perfume Oils - Complete Set for the exotic experience.

photo of Botan

Geisha Botan

Peony tattoos are still widely in evidence in Japan today. But now these exquisite flowers can enhance the skin in yet another way‹in the form of Aroma M¹s warm, beckoning young (but not too innocent) Geisha Botan The scent starts off with the honeyed aroma of peony blended with an kick of rose. Then come the mid-notes: soothing sandalwood, intoxicating vanilla and velvet woods. Already the wearer has been transported to a forest glade. The base notes, which add durability, are that dry, earthy forest lichen, oakmoss, accented with a touch of animal, feral musk.

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photo of Vanilla Hinoki

Geisha Vanilla Hinoki

Vanilla scents tend to have a cloying, candied effect. But not Vanilla Hinoki. Its key ingredient is a woodsy, smoky vanilla found only in Morocco—and very hard to come by. Five years in the making, it's been blended with unexpected partner notes. Foremost among them is hinoki, a storied cypress. For centuries, this prized Japanese wood was used to build palaces, temples, shrines, noh theaters – and those hot spring pools known as onsen, found in mountainside inns. Our intention with this new scent was to capture the cloudy, floating, sybaritic sensation of lingering in one of these scented hot springs.

The overall effect? Subtly sultry, as the Japanese prefer their scents, and wearable by women and men alike.

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Geisha o-cha perfume Oil

Geisha Amber Rouge

Following in the tradition of the grand perfume house of Guerlain with Shalimar Initial and Chanel with Chanel No. 5 Eau Permiere, we have taken our cult favorite, Geisha Rouge, and given it a new interpretation - Geisha Amber Rouge. This is a beautiful, feminine fragrance composed of seductive sensual spices and woods. It is mellow yet racy, smoky and appealing. It is a gentle, irresistible red flame conveying the meaning of vivacious sensuality held in check… but just barely.

Geisha Amber Rouge gives a nod to Oriental perfumery in its use of rare vintage ingredients from the desert. Moroccan amber joins forces with deep wood resins, cinnamon, clove and hints of star anis. Characteristically spicy notes of the original Geisha Rouge blend with that of Japanese incense. Inspired by exotic travels to Morocco and Istanbul, Geisha Amber Rouge is a perfume poem, an ode to the Byzantine. Drawing on the treasured oils from the silk road, Geisha Amber Rouge is representative of aroma M's cross-cultural fluency in perfumery, creating an olfactory journey between east and west. Purchase Geisha Amber Rouge Roll-on Perfume

Geisha o-cha perfume Oil

Geisha O-cha

Tea ceremony. An everyday task becomes a meditation, a dance, a graceful art. Traditional Japanese green tea is the heart of this delicate, refreshing scent and it stays true, unlike some green tea-based scents that become too floral or too fruity as the day wears on. Transparently luminous like fine porcelain, Geisha O-cha roll-on is a long lasting light scent particularly perfect when worn on warm days.

Spiked with the clean crisp flavors of green tea and the revitalizing notes of sweet orange, o-cha is mellowed and feminized with the addition of bois de rose of vanilla. This is a scent of vital serenity. Wear Geisha o-cha morning to twilight. O-cha’s harmonious essential oil blends will add sparkling warmth to your day, promote self-awareness, and balance your spirits. Purchase Geisha O-Cha Roll-on Perfume

Geisha nobara-cha perfume Oil

Geisha Hana-cha

What could be more lush than jasmine? What could be more intoxicating than South Seas ylang ylang? These two sultry and exquisite flowers are tempered with cedar, whose cooling, woody aroma quickens the pace of this bewitching blend. Wear Geisha hana-cha after dark. This is a night blooming bouquet. Hana-cha will focus your thoughts, banish worry, combat shyness, and, oh, yes, serve as an aphrodisiac, too. Purchase Geisha Hana-cha Roll-on Perfume

Geisha nobara-cha perfume Oil

Geisha Nobara-cha

In response to numerous and clamorous requests, Aroma M announces the re-launch of one of our original eau de parfums, Geisha Nobara-Cha as a perfume oil.

The breathtaking opulence of a rose in full bloom is fused with rich incense, unforgettable and striking -- like a gorgeous floral arrangement that uses a familiar flower in a completely unexpected, yet perfect way. Geisha Nobara-cha recalls an overgrown field of wild roses and retains all of its flavors, refreshing notes of geranium flower grounded in soothing amber in their original proportions gives this fragrance a new potency in the absence of alcohol. Subtle in spite of the intensity of its elements, Nobara-Cha is seductive and unique. Purchase Geisha Nobara-cha Roll-on Perfume

Geisha Marron perfume Oil

Geisha Marron

Geisha Marron Perfume Oil is a nod to French perfumery in its use of quintessential French ingredients--in this case, muguet, which joins forces with white Japanese magnolia and chestnut blossom. But brown needs some sparkle to bring out the depth of its tones--hence the balancing addition of mandarin, bergamot, and grapefruit. Purchase Geisha Marron Roll-on Perfume Oil

Geisha Violet Perfume Rollon

Geisha Violet

The sweet scent of violet, suffused with lilac and ethereal Japanese lotus, spiked with bitter chocolate: Violet is a decidedly old-fashioned aroma, one that was favored by Victorian ladies. But in its Aroma M brew, it is boldly transposed into the 21st century. Imagine sugar undercut with an edge of irony. Here is a knowing fragrance for contemporary youth. Purchase Geisha Violet Roll-on Perfume Oil

flacon of Geisha Green roll-on

Geisha Green

A hypnotic metrosexual aperitif unlike anything in our oeuvre. Its key aroma is absinthe---the tart, licorice-flavored liqueur, which we've gently sweetened with black currant, mandarin, and violet, and softened with amber and tonka bean. Famed as an aphrodisiac, absinthe is also a legendary creativity enhancer. Purchase Geisha Green Roll-on Perfume Oil

flacon of Geisha Rouge roll-on

Geisha Rouge

Geisha Rouge is warm, beckoning, enticing. Its blend of tonka bean, tobacco and vanilla, combined with cinnamon, star of anise, clove, and sandalwood traditional Japanese incense ingredients--give it a mellow yet racy, smoky, appeal, not unlike that of a gentle, irresistible red flame. Here is one beautiful, feminine fragrance that is not based on flowers, but on seductive spices and woods that convey the meaning of vivacious sensuality held in check but barely so. Purchase Geisha Rouge Roll-on Perfume Oil

flacon of Geisha Blanche roll-on

Geisha Blanche

The color white symbolizes cool elegance in any culture. In Japan geishas white collar carefully reveals the most sensual party of the body -the neck. White is also the color associated with her face powder and the color chosen for the spring Wedding Kimono. Geisha Blanche is cool, beckoning, enticing. Its blend of white flowers gives a subtle sweet appeal. Here is one beautiful, feminine fragrance that is based on flowers, but with the addition of lychee conveys the meaning of cool summer sensuality. Purchase Geisha Blanche Roll-on Perfume Oil

flacon of Geisha Pink roll-on

Geisha Pink

A shot of sugared plum, with fresh orange added for tang, and vanilla for seductive staying power. This is a young Eastern-accented scent, brimming with sophisticated sass.
When to wear it?: At the big Saturday Night date… when you want to daydream… whenever you want to ever so slightly misbehave.
What will it do for your psyche?: Sweeten it, re-charge it, speed it up.
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flacon of Geisha Blue roll-on

Geisha Blue

The essence of calm quietude, imbued with a natural blue tint that comes from its star ingredient, blue chamomile-a legendary botanical soother. Other ingredients? Green tea, for tranquility, leafy greens for a bit of uplift, jasmine for sensuality.
When to wear it?: To smooth out a busy work day… whenever you're stressed out.
What will it do for your psyche?: Give it balance and repose.
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flacon of Geisha Noire roll-on

Geisha Noire

Imagine an exotic covered bazaar, the air heavy with spices and grounded in soothing amber with notes of sweet tonka bean.
When to wear it?: All day long.
What will it do for your psyche?: Combat stress, clear the thought processes, undo the inhibitions, assist in meditation and prayer. Purchase Geisha Noire Roll-on Perfume Oil