Geisha Eau de Parfum Signature Fragrance

the beguiling aroma of geisha eau de parfum enhances the senses

photo of Geisha Botan bottle

Geisha Botan

Just imagine: enchanting peonies, transformed into invisible irezumi (tattoo) to beautify the skin and its surroundings.

What to wear with Geisha Botan? How about a mix of traditional and modern? Oversize sweater, denim jacket, leopard-print neck scarf, flowing, ankle-length skirt or wide-legged pants, suede sneakers or penny loafers‹pulled together with a silk obi belt. As for the attendant makeup, we see it being light, soft and natural.

As for when to wear Geisha Botan? How about anytime from, say, noon to late, late night. The more it surrounds you, the more it will soothe your psyche and entice those in your surroundings.

Notes of Peony, Rose, Velvet Woods, Vanilla, Oakmoss.

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photo of Geisha Marron bottle and bag

Geisha Marron

Aroma M's newest fragrance, Geisha Marron, takes its inspiration not only from the scent of roasting chestnuts, but also from that even more widespread flavor of autumn… of red and green leaves turning to brown (marron, in French). Brown is surely the most underserved color in all of perfumery. More than any other, it evokes the musty scent of succulent overripeness, of sweetness that dares to skirt the edge of seductive decay. That is Geisha Marron's most unique quality.

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photo of Vanilla Hinoki bottle and bag

Geisha Vanilla Hinoki

Aroma M is delighted to announce the first new addition since 2011 to its celebrated Geisha collection. Introducing deep, dark, intoxicating Geisha Vanilla Hinoki, a nighttime – or should we say bedtime – potion that takes an utterly new approach to the world's most popular gourmand aroma, rumored to have aphrodisiac effects.

Vanilla scents tend to have a cloying, candied effect. But not Vanilla Hinoki. Its key ingredient is a woodsy, smoky vanilla found only in Morocco—and very hard to come by. Five years in the making, it's been blended with unexpected partner notes. Foremost among them is hinoki, a storied cypress. For centuries, this prized Japanese wood was used to build palaces, temples, shrines, noh theaters – and those hot spring pools known as onsen, found in mountainside inns. Our intention with this new scent was to capture the cloudy, floating, sybaritic sensation of lingering in one of these scented hot springs.

The overall effect? Subtly sultry, as the Japanese prefer their scents, and wearable by women and men alike.

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Voluptuous Nostalgia bottle and bag

Voluptuous Nostalgia Perfume

Roma! An American girl with a full skirt and Hollywood sunglass rides on the back of a Vespa, swerving through the ancient, teaming street of Rome with her Italian lover, flashing his brilliant smile around every curve. Secret meetings at the Piazza Navona, gelato at the Trevi Fountain, draped in Fortuny velvet at the Teatro dell' Opera. A Roman holiday captured in a bottle.

Voluptuous Nostalgia gives a nod to vintage glamorous Rome, with heady notes of Muget and Gardenia. The ancient scent of Ambergris is evocative of Rome's antiquity, and Tonka Bean sets the tone for a more modern twist. Amber and Violet combine to add just the right amount of romance.

Aroma M's Voluptuous Nostalgia Fragrance, a postcard from Rome guided by a butterfly fluttering through time.

Voluptuous Nostalgia is held in a hand etched French bottle, wrapped in vintage hand dyed velvet.

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Geisha blanche perfume relaunch

Geisha rouge … Now in a diffusive alcohol base

In response to numerous clamorous requests, Aroma-M announces November 2011 re-launch of one of our original perfume oils, Geisha Rouge, (which debuted in 2000), as a parfum oil.

The difference? While this formulation Geisha Rouge is warm, beckoning, enticing. Its blend of tonka bean, tobacco and vanilla, combined with cinnamon, star of anise, clove, and sandalwood traditional Japanese incense ingredients are still in their original proportions, the added presence of alcohol serves to lighten it up and give it some breathing space. In its newly diffused form, the fragrance is more noticeable to those in your direct vicinity giving it a mellow yet racy, smoky, appeal, not unlike that of a gentle, irresistible red flame. Here is one beautiful, feminine fragrance that is not based on flowers, but on seductive spices and woods that convey the meaning of vivacious sensuality held in check but barely so.

Who asked for it? Numerous women worldwide, who swear by this enticing scent, including Geisha Rouge's strong following of celebrities from the left and right coasts. Geisha Rouge Eau de Parfums come in their own couture hand sewn drawstring pouch, made of a richly textured kimono-cloth crepe known as Chirimen. Depicted on the front is a colorful chrysanthemum design motif, symbol of the geisha. Covering the back of each pouch is solid amethyst-colored Chirimen in a nubby texture. The lining is a darker shade of amethyst. When not in use as a perfume cloak, the pouch doubles as an container for an iPhone or one of many other of life's small necessities and luxuries.

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Geisha blanche perfume relaunch

Geisha blanche … Now in a diffusive alcohol base

This formulation is still cool, beckoning and retains the enticing blend of white flowers flavors in addition to providing a subtle sweet aroma, Geisha Blanche with the addition of lychee conveys the meaning of cool summer sensuality. By permeating the space that surrounds you, the new Geisha Blanche Eau de Parfum, intended to be worn throughout the day, will succeed more effectively at all of the above.

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Geisha Noire Eau de Parfum description

Geisha Noire Eau de Parfum

While this formulation still recalls a Far Eastern bazaar, and retains all of its musky, deeply sensual amber and tropical, vanilla-esque tonka bean flavors in their original proportions, the presence of alcohol serves to lighten it up and give it some breathing space. In its newly diffused form, the fragrance so it is more noticeable to those in your direct vicinity.

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Geisha o-cha bottle and bag

Geisha o-cha

Spiked with the clean crisp flavors of green tea and the revitalizing notes of sweet orange, o-cha is mellowed and feminized with the addition of bois de rose of vanilla. This is a scent of vital serenity.

Wear Geisha o-cha morning to twilight.

o-cha’s harmonious essential oil blends will add sparkling warmth to your day, promote self-awareness, and balance your spirits.

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Geisha hana-cha bottle and bag

Geisha Hana-cha

What could be more lush than jasmine? What could be more intoxicating than South Seas ylang ylang? These two sultry and exquisite flowers are tempered with cedar, whose cooling, woody aroma quickens the pace of this bewitching blend.

Wear Geisha hana-cha after dark. This is a night blooming bouquet.

Hana-cha will focus your thoughts, banish worry, combat shyness, and, oh, yes, serve as an aphrodisiac, too.

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Geisha nobara-cha bottle and bag

Geisha nobara-cha

Imagine an overgrown field of wild roses mingled with the light, refreshing notes of geranium flowers and grounded in soothing amber.

Wear Geisha nobara-cha all day long.

Combat stress, clear the thought processes, undo the inhibitions, and assist in meditation and prayer.

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