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Matcha Tea

In times past, the geisha were trained truly to be a person of the arts, as the word literally means. Amongst a geisha's disciplines were flower arrangement, song, poetry, and tea ceremony. In this last art the geisha – dressed in full kimono, a symbol of beauty herself – would create a realm of beauty in a few brief moments, one that could be shared and, in a sense, carried away long afterward.

aroma M's new line of Matcha Tea brings this tradition of the geisha to a new century, translating the art of scent into a sublime expression of taste. Just as a prime Burgundy will illicit a poetic litany of bouquet, taste, and aroma, tea will resound with impressions of flowers to rainforests to spice and honey, not unlike a perfume. Each Matcha Tea canister is wallpapered with one of the several patterns of lush to the touch Yuzen papers, created for aroma M perfumes by craftsmen in Kyoto.

aroma M is offering this organic Matcha Tea in these charming collectible canisters for $18.00 20g can / 10 servings

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Geisha Tea Set

Geisha Matcha Tea set includes:

One "Chasen" or whisk, handmade from one piece of natural bamboo. This Bamboo whisk has about 80 bristles, the highest number. The Chasen is perfect for whipping up your everyday bowl of Matcha and for practicing the art of whisking Matcha.

One "Chashaku" or Matcha scoop, hand-carved from bamboo in Japan. Used to transfer the Matcha tea powder to the tea bowl. Scoops like this have been made and used for hundreds of years. Chashaku are appreciated for their beauty as well as their function, special ones are bestowed with poetic names to give it a seasonal identity. In Japanese tea ceremony study, utensils are seasonal; some may make an appearance only once a year.

One canister of organic Geisha Matcha Tea. 20g can / 10 servings

The correct amount of Matcha to use is about 1.8 grams for one serving. It is about 2 scoops with the Chashaku. Mix it with about 60 ml (2 oz) of not boiling water, and whisk.

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