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Welcome to aroma M

aroma M is among a handful of artisanal perfumers who today are collectively updating the fragrance industry, we are proud to be known as direction-setters. For example, we initiated the contemporary location-oriented approach to perfumery—a concept we have romanced throughout our twelve years in business.

While steeped in the ways of ancient Eastern fragrancing traditions, and while adhering to the Eastern mandate that beauty is a daily responsibility, at aroma M we are ultra-modern in our choice of unexpected ingredients and novel combinations of ingredients, such as lychee with rose, and white chestnut blossom with muguet.

What else sets aroma M perfume apart?

aroma M also stands apart as a pure perfume company. We offer:

Geisha perfume containers

Simultaneously contemplative and stimulating, our mysteriously soft-spoken but memorably beautiful fragrances suit a range of lifestyles, from avant garde to casual to classic. They are, for example, eminently wearable with a rustling silk kimono, with a full, swirling skirt clasped by an obi, and with the classic scarlet lips and black-rimmed eyes of the made-up Geisha face, partially hidden by a wafting fan. But it is a tribute to aroma M's gender-neutral cross-cultural fluency that these scents also work like a charm with contemporary tunic dresses and stovepipe pants, and with the natural, well-scrubbed face of Western beauty.

The beginning of aroma M perfume

At the outset, aroma M perfume oils were sold in a few select boutiques. But word quickly got around, and today aroma M is available at leading department stores and boutiques in the US, the UK, France, Germany, Japan, and, most recently, China—specifically Shanghai. This season, aroma M’s Geisha Pink will be the very first niche perfume to be sold on QVC.

Media coverage featuring Maria and aroma M includes In Style, the New York Times, W, Lucky, Elle, Oprah, New York magazine, Japanese, Italian, British Vogue, the highly touted Bergdorf Goodman catalog, and Shanghai’s leading fashion magazine, BeauBeau. Our perfumes were also profiled on the Today Show with the fashion critic Steven Cojocaru.

Briefly by way of background, aroma M was launched in 1995 by the quietly intrepid Maria McElroy, an American-born painter who has long been immersed in Japanese art and incense. Aroma M is based in New York but is now known worldwide.