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Aroma M

Transcendent perfumes inspired by the East


My perfumes are echoes of my memories and the art of my becoming.

I’m a perfume pioneer. I unite cultures through scent and Aroma M is about to have a whole new look.

photo of Maria McElroy
collage of red decorative paper and text

Our Eau de Parfums
truly reflect Japanese art
and the Geisha art form:
elegant, mysterious and refined.


Geisha Collection

The Aroma M Geisha Collection explores the transcendent culture of the Geisha through a series of personal fragrant stories.

The fragrances are symbolic of the strength, beauty and the artistry of the Geisha.

They are eminently wearable with a rustling silk kimono clasped by an obi paired with classic scarlet lips and black-rimmed eyes of the Geisha or in subtle silk pants, with a delicate lace blouse accented with muted nude lips. Every Geisha in the collection weaves us together like a fine silk thread.

Our packaging is completely original and was designed to be as beautiful as the fragrances themselves:
Blanche - Noire - Rouge - Vanilla Hinoki - Botan - Marron - Absinthe.

photo of Geisha
Eau de Parfume and roll-on


Ghost of a Geisha

We invite you to take a peek into our world with the film, Ghost of a Geisha.

photo of a geisha with flowers
Maria and blossums